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5 Commonly Found Landscape Designs

Are you thinking of giving your garden a new look? Do you want to get a new design for it but are confused on what to choose? Worry not, in this article we cover the most in-demand landscape themes.  It is also worth noting that you need to choose the kind of design that suits your personality as well as the surrounding environment.

As you start to search for the right design, it is highly recommended that you get the exact measurements of the area to be designed first. By doing this, it will expedite the process when you engage landscape design services.

Mediterranean Look

If you love the culture and style of Italy and Spain, then this design is perfect for you as it is a mixture of features from the two countries. Two primary features are gravel pathways and a shaded seating area, making it an excellent hang out location. You may also choose to incorporate mosaic and colourful tiles on the wall. If you love plants, you can include terra-cotta pots to add colours to the area.

Classical Landscape

This theme originates from early Roman times, where simplicity is the primary consideration. The formal and informal set-ups are inspired from the French Renaissance. Some of the features you can get from this design are straight pathways, the use of stone elements and classic walls.  This kind of style may be simple but it is actually sophisticated and elegant.

Japanese Zen Gardens

Just as the name suggests, Japanese Zen Gardens are built to provide calm and appeasement to its guests. Based on concepts of spirituality and flow, no single component dominates over others. Instead of bright flowers, the garden uses rocks, evergreen planting and water to create aesthetically pleasing environments. By mimicking natural environments on a smaller scale, Japanese Gardens offer refuge from our everyday lives.


This design uses an informal set-up. The purpose of this style is to make the garden look all-natural, as if it were organically grown. Plenty of urban developers take inspiration from this style, attempting to break rigid urban structure designs. A good example of this is in condominium estates, where every building has a small garden with highlights from nature.

Modern Style

Borrowing ideas from both the Japanese Zen Gardens and the Naturalistic styles, the Modern Style is one of the most widely used designed themes by homeowners. Central to this theme are shapes and lines that guide a person’s eye, with symmetry often being utilised. The modern style adopts the concept of minimalism, by trying to increase the perceived amount of space in the environment. As such, it is an ideal style for small spaces. To achieve a beautiful modern design, the best thing to do is to use grey, black or white materials.

When it comes to choosing a design for your home, do not forget to talk to a professional who offers landscape maintenance in Singapore. These individuals can help you find the perfect style that will suit to your needs and preferences.


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