About Us

Horticultural Services delivers projects, provides expertise in landscape maintenance, tree pruning and facility cleaning services and offers a broad spectrum of consulting and advisory services.
For every project, we cover the full life cycle, from project delivery to landscape sustainability and enhancing the existing landscape, in the petrol chemicals, commercial and residential sectors. Our resources and energy are focused on responding to and meeting the requirements of our clients over the long term.


We are a professional services business in delivering sustained economical landscape solutions to our customers and in the process create quality opportunities for individuals and communities to find and realize their own futures.
We are established in Singapore since 1985 and have to date provided over 30 years of landscape services to our customers.

  1. Industry leader in health, safety & environmental performance.
  2. One stop service which covers landscaping maintenance, tree cutting/pruning and facility cleaning services.
  3. Capable professionals with over 15 years of experience and licensed Horticulturists with unsurpassed customer focus.
  4. Successful and flexible delivery of projects across multiple industries ranging from petro chemicals to commercial and residential sectors.
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Delivery of profitable sustainability
  • Responsive to customer preference
  • Customized solutions tailored to each customer requirements
  • Trustworthy
  • Transparent and Respect
  • Innovative and Flexible
  • Seek enduring customer relationships
  • Delivering on our promises
  • Provide sustainable environmental solutions
  • Create a Green environment for all


The history of Horticultural Services is woven around the vision of Director, Ang Her Leng, when in 1985 he estabilished Horticultural Services Pte Ltd, a small landscaping maintenance solutions company.

Horticultural Services grew steadily throughout the 1980’s, 90’s and into the new millennium, securing long term service agreements with various agencies from the Singapore Government. Various local joint ventures were also created and most of which are still active today. The partnering model that Horticultural Services used was based on mutual respect and the understanding that local partners provided the necessary knowledge and expertise. These principles still prevail today in the ongoing growth of the firm and are very much the culture of the organization.
A policy of diversification saw Horticultural Services grow its roots in the residential sector into the petro chemicals and commercial sectors. This successful policy allowed Horticultural Services to diversify further through additional partnerships. This provided a significant step up in the organization’s capability to support our customers across multiple industry sectors. The impressive history, capability and depth of client relationships provide the perfect platform for Horticultural Services to further expand our presence in Singapore.
More recently, a new business unit providing specialised office housekeeping and facility cleaning services was set up in the year 2013. With the additional of this new capability, Horticultural Services now provides a specialised one stop solution for our clients.
Horticultural Services commitment to entrepreneurial spirit and partnership, stated by Ang Her Leng over 30 years ago, still drives the company towards its vision to be the preferred provider of landscape maintenance, tree cutting and facility cleaning services to our customers, using our distinctive culture to create value for our customers and prosperity for our people.