Grass Cutting Services in Singapore

Grass cutting is an essential task in creating a safe, beautiful and lasting green landscape. Based on accumulated experience and professional tools, we advise on and deliver cutting, planting, weeding, watering, fertilising and pest control services.

Regular grass cutting helps to maintain a pristine and appealing appearance, while also improving the overall health of the grass. When uniform grass blade length is created, equal distribution of both sunlight and water can be achieved. In contrast, shorter grass blades die when denied adequate sunlight, creating uneven patches which are safety hazards for any passerby. Moreover, after the grass is cut, grass clippings can be left on their patches to act as natural fertilisers.

To complement our grass cutting services, we also conduct investigative works such as plant specimen sampling and soil investigation works. Performed by our certified practicing horticulturists (CPH), a professional CPH report will be generated to address current issues and to recommend sustainable environmental solutions. All instructions in the report, if accepted, will be adhered by our operations team when carrying out the works.

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Our Grass Cutting Services

Regular Grass Cuting
Regular grass cutting helps to improve the health of your grass while reducing the risk of safety hazards posed to users. Furthermore, you will be less likely forced to pay for the costly removal of dead grass or overgrown patches.

Soil Investigation Works
Horticultural Services first investigates the type of soil to determine its mixture composition of sand, silt and clay. Thereafter, a pH acidity test is conducted to ascertain the amount of acid or alkaline present. These findings are fundamental when tracing the root causes of many problems and serve to guide our recommendations.

Regular Fertilising
Based on results from the soil investigation, the type of fertilisers to be used can be determined. Fertilizers provide much needed nutrients while also helping to adjust the pH levels of the soil.

Pest and Disease Control
When it comes to pests and diseases, early detection is the key as both are fully capable of delivering devastation upon your landscape. As part of our grass cutting services, we help to identify and reduce potential pest and disease issues before they deliver devastating impact to your softscape.

Certified Practicing Horticulturists
Our team members have been conferred the title of “Certified Practicing Horticulturists’ (CPH) by the Centre for Urban Greenery and Ecology (CUGE), NParks Singapore. As CPHs, we have met the experience requirements set by CUGE, and will employ industry recognised practices when performing grass cutting services.