Landscape Design Services | Landscape Consultant In Singapore

We provide professional landscape design and consultation upon request. In a landscape design environment, there are basically two components. They are namely the hardscapes and the softscapes. Hardscape refers to stones, pebbles and water features etc and softscape refers to all kinds of plants in the environment. We provide professional advice and custom designs on ways to beautify/ green / revamp the environment with hardscape and softscape components such as implementing suitable types of plants and professional planting arrangement. Landscape design is an art. We believe that it is important to ensure that the softscape and hardscape components are able to co-exist as one and complement each other so as to bring out the feel or theme of the environment.

It is very common to find certain plots of land barren and plants not growing well in them. It can be frustrating to find a reason for these kinds of site conditions. For owners who have exotic plants under their care, it is also important to create an environment as close to their natural habitat as possible in order for these exotic plants to grow well. Here at Horticultural, we provide solutions to all of these needs. We are able to provide expertise and specialized tools to conduct extensive soil investigations for these sites. The results will be interpreted by a certified horticulturist and recommendations will be provided on ways to improve the sites and provide targeted solutions to specific problems. All of our horticulturists are certified to practice in Singapore and Australia.

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Our Landscape Consulting Services

Understanding your Space
Since no two places are identical, we always start by understanding both the space and its users. This is typically done through a on the ground assessment of the landscape, and a simple chat with its users. We are interested to find out what your users like or dislike about the space, how they wish to use it and how it can best complement them. Additionally, to ensure efficiency, we may ask for your intended project budget.

Analysing your Space
Through scientific methods, we perform soil tests, note geographic conditions like sunlight and rain, and take measurements of the space. These factors not only allow us to determine how to create a landscape that is sustainable, but also one that maximises its surroundings.

Proposing Changes to your Space
Based on information we have gathered in the first two steps, we make recommendations together with their preliminary costing. To effectively convey the idea and to minimise miscommunications, we may use mediums such as drawings, plan views, images of key design elements and samples of plants or materials. Furthermore, we are transparent with the future maintenance required for the proposed landscape, thereby allowing you to make an informed decision.

What You Can Expect From Our Landscape Design Services

Site Specific Recommendations
As a Landscape Consultant in Singapore, we strongly advocate that no two landscapes are the same. Based on a combination of architectural, horticultural and artistic viewpoints, we suggest one-off solutions and not recycled ideas.

Your Idea, Our Expertise
We believe that our role is that of helping to flash out the details of your imagination and to physically shape them. Based on your brief, we recommend the appropriate materials, plants and design elements to help recreate your imagination and serve the user’s needs.

Sustainable Solutions
Be it, the impact of sunlight, wind, humidity, temperature and rain on your landscape, or you having plans to further develop the site in the future, we take into account all such longer term factors when proposing a design.