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Why Should You Regularly Cut Your Grass

Be it in our own residential gardens or in public parks, grass is often an overlooked component. As such, it is tempting to not put resources into maintaining and regularly cutting grass. However, this would be a terrible mistake to commit, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality of the landscape.

What Happens When You Cut Grass? What Happens When You Don’t?

Just like any other plant, grass branches out and becomes denser when cut at its growing points. Consequently, each time grass is cut, space is produced, and thereafter grass fights for the newly available space, leading to a denser turf. In direct contrast, when grass is not cut, the turf is sparse with grass being separated by weeds and open spaces.

To be clear, cutting grass does not improve the health of each grass blade. When the leaf area is cut, the capability for photosynthesis is reduced, thus compromising the grass’s health. Additionally, like any injury to a human being, the exposed wound from the cut increases the chance of disease infection. As such, it is recommended that no more than a third of the grass blade should be cut at any one time.

Benefits of Regularly Cutting Grass

Regularly cutting grass offers several benefits:

  • For aesthetic purposes; this goes without saying, but a neat grass patch is much more pleasing to the eye.
  • Creating an even ground, thus reducing the risks for users from losing their footing, tripping, stepping in puddles or getting stuck.
  • Reduces the amount of water required. Shorter grasses consume less water, which is beneficial in dryer and hotter months.
  • Clippings actually act as a natural fertiliser, providing nitrogen for the remaining grass. However, the clippings should be spread out in order to not obstruct sunlight to any particular area.
  • Keeping grass short also reduces the growth of weeds as individual blades are less likely to die, thus they are able to choke out weeds.
  • If your grass has been infected by disease, it is critical to cut off infected areas as soon as possible to preserve the patch.


While grass cutting can be done with basic tools such as a cutter, rake, mower and shears, it can be tricky to cut grass to an ideal height. As such, it is advisable to engage professional grass cutting services in Singapore on a regular basis to give your lawn a more thorough maintenance.

Tips for Hiring a Professional Grass Cutter

When it comes to hiring professional grass cutting services, try to keep these things in mind:

  1. Check the license of the company. Not all companies in Singapore have the license to conduct this service in the country. It is essential to check these documents to ensure that you are hiring a legitimate firm.


  1. Read online reviews. Before hiring a firm, it is highly recommended to check all the reviews given by its prior clients. This will give you an idea on how they have performed in the past. Therefore, it will be easier to set your expectations for their services.


  1. Ask for the rates first. Do not hire the firm right away without asking about the prices and additional fees for its services. Keep in mind that the company may have different charges, depending on the location and requests of the clients.


  1. Get recommendations from friends. Another good way to look for the perfect service provider is to ask for some recommendations from friends and neighbors. Good grass cutting service providers should be able to get positive affirmations from past clients.


Grass cutting can be a tedious and highly time consuming process but it is critical in landscape maintenance in Singapore. As such, you may consider hiring professional grass cutting services to help relieve the workload and maintain your landscape.


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